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Hello everyone! Behind the ice cream is me, Sidney! I figured it was time to put this page up so you know the person behind the creations in the kitchen and on the social media posts. How did this all start?

Let's go back in time to August 2019. I was at Universal Studios waiting in a never-ending line trying to pass the time shopping on Amazon (what else do you do after 90 minutes of waiting). I LOVE to cook and buy too many items for my kitchen so I decided the next purchase was not a wand from Harry Potter World, but an ice cream machine and bread machine. I haven't made a loaf of bread since August, but the ice cream took a different path! What started off as a hobby has transformed into Spill the Cream. 

Outside of making ice cream, I also work at Specialty Group where I help people get into the bar & restaurant industry providing financing, liquor license acquisition, business brokerage, and commercial real estate services. In my spare time, I am an L2 Crossfit Trainer at Renegade Training, volunteer for the Urban Land Institute, an avid traveler, foodie, and have 2 of the cutest puppies and make ice cream for all of you!

My goal is to create unique flavors of ice cream for you all to enjoy (without all of the fillers and preservatives). Each flavor will have tons of fillings so you will know exactly what you are buying. Thank you for all of your support and I hope my ice cream makes your day that much better. 

Spread the word and don't forget to Spill the Cream about our newest flavors! Real ice cream, no shade... 



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